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Since 2019, Smart Jewelz Enterprises (SJE) first began focusing on keynote addresses, corporate trainings, and personal development coaching  through serving in high schools, colleges and companies throughout the U.S.A. Our company envisioned delivering educational content and uplifting speeches and trainings to youth and adult audiences on a global platform. After seeing early success with working in the community and corporate sector, we streamlined our services to highlight 3 core areas: personal development, financial freedom, and health and wellness. Our founder and President, Julian Smart-Rimple, envisioned having an international educational enterprise for young professionals and entrepreneurs to find and cultivate their God-given talents in order to be impactful leaders domestically and abroad. The mantra “we create, you shine” fits into our mission statement of “creating opportunities for clients to shine bright through discovering their unique God-given gifts on a global scale.”

“We Create; You Shine”


About Us

Smart Jewelz Enterprises  is an educational consulting agency that teaches clients how to shine in personal development, financial freedom and wellness. We specialize in offering our clients consulting, training, digital content courses in professional development, financial education and health and wellness.

What sets us apart is the diversity of our educational content and coaching programs which come from multicultural coaches, educators and trainers. We also host our digital courses for our Smart Jewelz community with our e-learning Smart Jewelz Institute for young professionals and entrepreneurs.

Meet Our Founder

Julian Smart-Rimple is a global ambassador for youth empowerment and education in South Korea, Liberia, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, and across the U.S.A. As the host of "Run the Jewelz" Podcast Show and founder of Smart Jewelz Enterprises, he continues marketing his speaking, training, and podcasting skills across the U.S.A. and abroad. Julian facilitates as a keynote speaker and corporate trainer in schools, colleges, and companies throughout the U.S. and international territories.

Our 3 Key Areas

We focus on Personal Development, Financial Freedom, and Health and Wellness

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Launching June 2024

Smart Global Learning Solutions has launched private 1-on-1 and small group tutoring sessions for K-10th grade in Reading, Math, Language Arts.

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For individuals seeking self-improvement in personal development, financial education and health and wellness.

Listen to Our Podcast

For those wanting to travel and learn about country’s cultures, foods, travel tips, and how to create global content on a budget.

Listen to Our Podcast

For those breaking cycles of living paycheck-to-paycheck, so they can begin a new legacy of financial freedom  for future generations.

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Join our debt freedom community of singles and married couples who are achieving financial freedom by "smart tracking" their finances monthly. You can become one of our "Smart Jewelz"  through our upcoming webinars and classes today! 


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Smart Jewelz Travel Tours 2024

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Prosperity Jewelz Summit 2.0

From bustling, neon-lit metropolises to countryside hills, long sandy beaches to majestic mountain hikes, we will take you off the conventional tour routes and show you life like a local on this unforgettable South Korea and Japan trip. Want to find out more?


See current reviews from our customers below

Delta W.

“Their skilled and thoughtful method of revealing my pain-points in my finances and action planning to help solve my crisis is why I can say I’m debt free this year!! Definitely recommend their services to anyone serious about getting out of debt.”

Keon R.

“They have been my speech coach since January of 2019. My coach's value is unmatched in my opinion. He brings a wealth of knowledge from the speaking/speech arena, he is well trained and he enjoys the relationship that he builds while helping you mature your craft.”

Shauna-Kaye D.

“They provided a great career coach for me. With his help I gained a professional mentor within my desired career path and got some great advice and input that helped me be more confident and intentional with my own career path.”

Keith H.

“SJE is professional, dedicated and always on point! They're knowledgeable, and spend time researching client's ideas. I've worked with their coach on several projects, and I can depend on him for great ideas and follow through. They also have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. SJE is truly a joy to work with and I would highly recommend them.”

Amadi J.

“I’ve never been the best with my budgeting but working with my budget coach put everything in perspective. Even if you are new to building your financial literacy, he will take the time and effort needed to ensure you understand not only the process but the importance of each step he is walking you through. The road to financial peace, freedom , and stability looks more than possible now. I highly recommend SJE for ALL your Budget Coaching, Business Coaching, and Personal Development Coaching needs..”

Zach W.

“SJE offers a unique and powerful program to help people better themselves. Their dedication to personal and youth development makes them excellent role models and a valuable resource. They have been excellent to work with.”

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